Lou Reed and Metallica Album Stream and Review

Loutallica released a streaming preview of their entire collaborative effort Lulu.  The album’s scheduled release is October 31 worldwide and November 1 in North America.  The ten track Lulu was inspired by German expressionist writer Frank Wedekind’s plays Earth Spiritand Pandora’s Box.

Despite the project clearly not being in the safety zone of either piece of the collaboration, most songs manage to work.  The brooding, atmospheric acoustic guitars of “Little Dog” serve as a perfect accompaniment for Reed’s dramatic poetic style.  Another nice moment like that occurs in the middle of “Pumping Blood.”  Unfortunately, however, Metallica singer James Hetfield didn’t take over the vocals on much of the rest of the song.

“Cheat On Me” features Metallica using eerie keyboards, strings and dramatically restrained performances to create a very nice effect.  The song builds instrumentally for nearly four minutes before any vocals appear, and when the metal fury does come in for the final third of this ten-minute track, it is entirely seamless, despite Reed’s grating vocals.

“Iced Honey,” which probably should have been the first single, is very reminiscent of “Sweet Jane” from Reed’s tenure with Velvet Underground.  It serves as the most easily accessible point for the typical listener.  The band slows down to rock speed and features Reed in his most comfortable vocal performance.  Hetfield also gets quite a bit of mic time as well.

Click here to hear the preview.

Click here for more information about Loutallica.

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