Sonic Youth to Split?

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, of Sonic Youth, announced that their 27-year marriage has come to an end.  The band formed three decades ago and have fall tour dates planned, yet  the split makes fans wonder about the future of the pioneering alternative rock band.  A statement from their rep at Matador Records states, “Sonic Youth, with both Kim and Thurston involved, will proceed with its South American tour dates in November.  Plans beyond that tour are uncertain.”  When previously asked who the coolest person Moore had ever met was he answered, “It would have to be Kim G!  For sure.  Believe me, she was unbelievable when I first met her.  She wore this sort of hip prison-stripe outfit and flip-up shades on her glasses.  She had a ponytail, a little ponytail that was sort of center at the back of her head and I thought, ‘That’s the coolest fucking person I’ve ever met.'”  Gordon, 58, and Moore, 53, have a 17-year-old daughter Coco.



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