“Senator” Jack Black

Jack Black plays a coke-sniffing, crooked cowboy senator who likes to use a cattle prod on his genitals and girls behinds in the just-released video for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks’ “Senator.”  In the video for the single from Malkmus’ new album, Mirror Traffic, Black also fulfills the usual running for office duties like holding babies and convincing America of his moral supremacy.

Scott Jacobson, who directed the video states that “Jack Black showed up and put in a 12-hour day that encompassed everything from genital-shocking to a real (unplanned) dog bite to full-on nudity.”  Malkumus explains that “The senator could be me or any singer in a band, anyone that’s trying to hang in there.”  The song and video are a sad commentary about how “Anyone that’s trying to stay in office [will] do whatever they can do to get votes.  They’ll say whatever they can.  Democrat or Republican, they want to stay in office more than anything.”  Here’s hoping Black actually runs for office as it would be an very entertaining campaign.

Click here to watch the video.

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