Tom Morello Occupies Wall Street

Nightwatchman, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello’s folk alter-ego,  recently stopped by Liberty Park and played a four song set for hundreds of Occupy Wall Street crowd.    Morello, who was born in Harlem, opened up the show with “The Fabled City,” the title track from Nightwatchman’s second album.  Morello then played “Save the Hammer for the Man.”  After that, he treated the crowd to Woody Guthrie’s iconic “This Land Is Your Land.”  The protesters bounced up and down while chanting “this land is made for you and me” during the tune.  Morello closed out the set by teaching the crowd his song “World Wide Rebel Songs” and then singing it with the crowd while fists were pumped and American flags were waived.  Morello stated that he doesn’t know why this protest is different, but it is.  He added that it might have something to do with the 99 percent slogan as it is great and accurate.

Click here to see “The Fabled City.”

Click here to see “This Land Is Your Land.”

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