Free Download: Smashing Pumpkins – “Rhinoceros”

The Smashing Pumpkins Record Club (“SPRC”) has released another excellent unreleased track from their expansive archives.  SPRC emailed an alternative version of “Rhinoceros” to members via email earlier this morning.  As frontman Billy Corgan explained, the track was recorded in 1989 at Reel Time Studios.  The Pumpkins recorded a couple versions of “Rhinoceros,” one of which ended up on Gish.  The Gish version of the tune has a standard rhythm guitar solo.  This newly released “Rhinoceros Version Two,” which the band feels is superior, has a keyboard solo instead.  The solo is played by the studio’s recording engineer and as no real keyboard was available, a “crappy” keyboard was used to make the track.  This alternate version of “Rhinoceros” is the fourth release by SPRC and like all the others, it’s free.

Click here and enter your email to join the club for free and get “Rhinoceros Version Two.”

Click on the “SPRC” tag below to find out how to get the first  three SPRC releases.

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