Free Friday: Moby – “The Poison Tree”

Moby recently announced that he’s releasing a deluxe version of Destroyed.  The deluxe version will be available October 31 and will include three discs.  The first disc is the standard release; the second disc features eight new tracks and three alternate versions of songs on the standard issue (and therefore the first disc); and the last disc is a DVD which contains some music videos, live concert footage, an interview, and some other stuff as well.  The deluxe version also contains a 24 page booklet of photos taken by Moby.

It’s really a shame that Moby didn’t release the deluxe version at the same time as the standard version, but instead waited months after the original version’s release.  Now interested fans who probably already bought the first release must now buy the deluxe version as well in order to get the extra stuff.  Unfortunately, it is reminiscent of how the original release of Play did not include the Gwen Stefani version of “South Side.”

You can download the first track off the second disc, ” The Poison Tree,” for free.  It is a great track that has the feel of the bluesy songs from Play or Be The One, but a little livelier.

Click here and enter your email halfway down the left side of the page.

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