Dum Dum Girls Release New LP – Only in Dreams

The Dum Dum Girls’ released their second LP, Only in Dreams, today.  It’s very rare to see a band mature into the mainstream so quickly, evolve their sound, yet still manage to keep it their own (although it might not qualify as the self-described “blissed out buzz-saw” anymore).  Part of the maturity is most likely due to the unfortunate death of Kristen “Dee Dee Penny” Gundred’s mother only a few short months before she began to work on material for this album.  While it follows up on the much cleaner sound of their EP He Gets Me High, which was released earlier this year, it still has the same feel as their first album, the much more lo-fi I Will Be.  Dee Dee has done an amazing job with the difficult task of keeping her music fresh and contemporary while obviously hearkening back to the feeling of the 60’s surf rock sound.  There are very few bands out there that do it this well.  It’s especially true considering this is the first time that all the members of the group play and sing on the songs.

The first single, “Bedroom Eyes,” is extremely catchy and has a fresh lyrical take on a love song (which is hard to do) which begs to be played over and over again.  “Coming Down” is very melancholy and the anguish definitely comes across (most likely not a sequel to “He Gets Me High” as this song is about her mother’s death).  “Heartbeat” at first almost sounds like a Buddy Holly song (although not Buddy Holly’s “Heartbeat”) while managing to keep its originality and distance.

Only in Dreams is very easy to listen to starting with the opening track all the way through to the last.  You’ll start it and before you realize it, the album is over.  Additionally, this is one of the few bands where it is worth buying a record player so you can listen to it on vinyl.  If you hurry, there are still some limited edition light pink copies available through their label, Sub Pop.

Click here to download.

Click here to order the vinyl.

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