Blondie Releases New LP

Blondie recently released their first new album in eight years.  The group completed the new LP, Panic of Girls, over a year ago.  The problem, however, was trying to “figur[e] out how to distribute it,” lead singer Debbie Harry says.  Harry cited how hard it has become to get a record deal due to the fact that there are no record companies anymore, even for a group like Blondie.  In the end, the band decided to release Panic of Girls independently exclusively through Amazon.

Panic of Girls is very diverse and ranges from new wave, to pop, to dance, to reggae.  This should come as no surprise as this album is no more diverse than their previous releases.  Harry credits the melting pot that is New York City for their diversity stating that New York always has “so many different things going on.”    The album is a credible representation of contemporary new wave music and comes complete with heavy, thick synth blasts, great drumbeats while not forsaking the guitar, and Blondie’s first official Spanish release.  Click here to download.

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